Best Places to Shop in Calistoga

Best Places to Shop in Calistoga

  • Jeff & Casey Bounsall
  • 04/15/24

This small, upscale town of Calistoga, California, is famed for its geothermal hot springs and therapeutic mud baths, enriched with nutrients from the volcanic ash that blankets the region. These natural wonders provide a backdrop that makes living in Calistoga feel like a continuous rejuvenation retreat.

The shopping experiences in Calistoga complement its low-key, relaxing community vibe. The town features an array of unique boutiques and artisanal markets, enriching the community vibe and providing a delightful shopping experience. Whether you're outfitting a new home or browsing for clothing, Calistoga's shops provide an array of unique choices that will delight any new resident or visitor.

Lincoln Avenue

The Main Street of Calistoga

Lincoln Avenue is the pulse of downtown Calistoga, a charming street lined with a rich assortment of locally owned venues that showcase the town's creative and culinary spirit. Here, shoppers will find exclusive boutiques offering everything from handcrafted jewelry to designer apparel that reflects the relaxed yet refined lifestyle of Napa Valley. The aroma of freshly baked pastries lures visitors into cozy bakeries, where the delights range from fresh pastries to sophisticated handmade chocolates.

The local bookstore provides a quiet escape packed with an eclectic collection that invites leisurely browsing. Art enthusiasts will find their haven in several galleries that dot this thoroughfare, each presenting rotating exhibits featuring works by esteemed artists and rising local talents. This cultural hub encapsulates the essence of Calistoga's artistic and entrepreneurial community, making Lincoln Avenue perfect for anyone eager to immerse themselves in the local scene.

Blackbird of Calistoga

1422 Lincoln Ave

Blackbird of Calistoga is for those looking to enhance their living spaces with unique and engaging décor. This boutique specializes in a range of home goods, from fun throw pillows that add a splash of color and comfort to any room to elegant dinnerware that promises to transform everyday meals into special occasions. The store is also an ideal spot for finding thoughtful gift ideas, offering an array of items that cater to varied tastes and preferences.

North Star Gift Shop

1443 Lincoln Ave

North Star Gift Shop is a vibrant destination for fashion enthusiasts. The shop features an eclectic mix of clothing that caters to a broad audience, alongside a collection of jewelry. Each item in the store is selected to showcase a unique, expressive personality, making it easy for shoppers to find something that truly speaks to their style or the perfect gift that captures the essence of a loved one.

Rove Boutique

1371 Lincoln Ave

Rove Boutique has a youthful, Bohemian aesthetic that appeals to those who adore a free-spirited style. The clothing here is infused with a casual, chic vibe that is perfect for the laid-back luxury of Calistoga. Rove Boutique's collection offers versatile pieces ideal for a day exploring the vineyards or a night out in the town, ensuring that each garment is beautiful and practical for the Napa lifestyle.

Art Galleries

Lincoln Avenue has a range of art galleries that reflect Calistoga's artistic diversity. These galleries, each with its unique charm and focus, offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local and global art scenes through a variety of mediums and styles.

Ca'toga Galleria D'arte

1206 Cedar St

Ca'toga Galleria D'arte is a showcase for the exclusive works of Carlo Marchiori, a world-renowned artist whose talents include ceiling murals, porcelain, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and furniture. His diverse artistry is also available in the form of watercolors, tiles, stone plaques, and a selection of accessories. Additionally, the gallery offers books, cards, and posters that capture Marchiori's distinctive style, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Calistoga Pottery

1001 Foothill Blvd

Calistoga Pottery, founded by a couple who met at an art school in Greece, has become a staple in the local community. It is known for creating the coveted cioppino bowls for Scott's Seafood. The pottery studio is so much a part of the owners' lives that their two daughters grew up amidst the clay and kilns.

Sofie Contemporary Arts

1407 Lincoln Ave

Sofie Contemporary Arts has inventive contemporary art. The gallery frequently updates its exhibits to feature different artists, ensuring there is always something new to discover. Focusing on regionally inspired works, Sofie showcases a diverse array of media, including paintings and sculptures, making it a dynamic venue for art lovers exploring current artistic trends and regional narratives.

Stix and Stones Gallery

1409 Lincoln Ave

Stix and Stones Gallery merges the worlds of contemporary art and functional design by offering an array of furniture pieces, such as chairs, tables, and end tables, alongside innovative lamps and other decorative gifts. This gallery is ideal for those looking to adorn their homes with items as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical, blending fine art with everyday living in a uniquely artistic manner.

A community where lifestyle meets luxury

Calistoga is a vibrant community where the ease of small-town living meets the sophisticated charm of upscale boutiques, artful galleries, and artisanal experiences. This town offers relaxed and refined living.

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